Monday, September 7, 2009

my phone is back!!! 失而復得

it's like a lot ppl can't believe that i have luck to get back my phone~ haha~

thanks to cool, the guy who return me the phone randomly search for the contacts from my phone and indirectly inform me that my phone is there for me to get back~

i guess it right, it's true that 1 of the female PR from the pub took my phone in the toilet, n i think she's thinking of sell it to hv few bucks. but the guy who return me the phone knew that, so he adviced her to give me back, he said maybe i hv important contents that i need. well i really thanks to this man, it seems like my phone is just a cheap phone, sell it as 2nd hand phone still dun earn much, so just give me back would be just fine.

Friday, September 4, 2009

i've lost my phone T.T

wednesday night i was 1st time trying a new place a small pub for singing performance, with another vocalist, Winnie and a keybordist, Simon. honestly said it's not a really nice place to sing. and the bad thing happened some more... T.T

after the 1st set break, i went to toilet b4 go up to stage, i carelessly left my phone inside... when we've done the performance then only i realize i lost it...

i think must be 1 of the female PR took it when she go to toilet, coz there were no female customers around... i was crying so badly, ugly... but the girl still not returning back to me... nobody would.

my phone is just a cheap phone, but i like it a lot... y there are people out there looks fine but so evil inside...

i just gave up by not trouble my partners the night, since it's not good to drag them from going back home.

thanks to the bartenders and staffs for helping... thanks for Zero, who has been trying to make me smile.

so frens, pls leave me msg or sms me ur contacts, coz i lost all... i'm still using the same number.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


AIFM 爱管闲事 <反吸烟活动>专访

Host: SERENE MUSIC 音乐学院+音乐制作公司
Date: Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Venue: AIFM

Guyz!!! pls tune in 89.3 or online radio at oh~

On Monday morning 24/8/09, we just went to Radio MMU at Putrajaya for live interview~ (10am-11am Chinese interview,11am-12pm English interview)
it's the live interview with Top 4 and Serene about Anti Smoking On-line Article Competition~

this will be repeated on this thursday (1-2pm) for chinese

and Sunday (5-7pm) for eng

so next one would be at aifm~
and we all have a voice drama 广播剧 at aifm with radio DJs (四位管家)
at 7 Sep - 11 Sep 2009 at 3pm oh~

i would be acting a girl who smokes becoz of wanna get slimmer~
it's so much fresh experience from recording the drama
this is what i always wish to do long time ago

so hope my frens will tune in and support har~